Next year in September 13-16, 2016, a scientific meeting called "XXV. Biochemický sjezd České společnosti pro biochemii a molekulární biologii a Slovenskej spoločnosti pre biochémiu a molekulárnu biológiu" will be held at the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague. The rich program of the conference will include several interesting sections, of them one will be focused on proteomics and metabolomics.

Proteomic section of ČSBMB announces the "Josefa Chmelík Award" for the best Czech proteomic publication in 2014. Interested candidates can registrate their publication till September 30, 2015 by sending the pdf reprint of the published work to the email address info (at) czproteo(dot)cz. The work has to meet the terms registration for the competitions that can be found toghether with other information about the award at

"APRS Symposium and Late Summer Meeting" is held this summer (August 26-28, 2015) at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria in Klosterneuburg in Austria (close to Vienna). The meeting is organized in collaboration with the Austrian Proteomics Association (AuPA) and the Late Summer Meeting IMP/IMBA/GMI/CSF.
The purpose of the symposium is to present the latest technologies and applications to scientists coming from Europe. Top experts will be invited to speak, and a number of participants will also be selected to give a short talk and present their posters during formal poster sessions.
For detailed information on the event please visit the symposium website at or check the information flyer.

The "4th Informal proteomic meeting" will be held in Prague in November 26-27, 2015. This meeting for people interested in proteomic analysis will be held without the registration fee. The meeting will be mostly held in Czech language. Detailed information can be found at (in Czech).

Next meeting of the European Proteomics Association (EuPA) will be held in June 21-25, 2016, Istanbul, Turkey, as "X Annual Congress of the European Proteomics Association". Detailed information can be found at